Live Camera 1

This live feed, like the other, is from our old farm in the Peak District. It’s got a beautiful resident barn owl called Bella in it. Bella has just coupled up with Buster, and we’re hoping to see owlets some time this year. You can identify Buster by the ring on his right leg. As a male, he is the slightly smaller and paler of the pair.

This nest box is made from an old whisky barrel It’s a warm, dry and spacious roost with a lower nesting chamber and high-level perch.  and first got a Barn Owl roosting in it called “Buster”. Buster has now gone to nest somewhere else and Buster & Bella have moved in!

Bella & Buster roost most of the day, sleeping and grooming and currently hunt exclusively at night so to see them live,  log on to the camera during daylight hours.

Barn Owl
Tawny Owl
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