Live Camera 3

Here’s the Live Feed from our Tawny Owl box…

Currently, the tawny box is empty, so there is no live streaming from it. I’ve got a few other boxes that have pigeons and also a maderine duck trying to nest so I may swap the feed to one of those if they nest,

Meet The Tawnies –

This was a live feed, like the others, from our old farm in the Peak District.

The Live Feed was from a nest box with a nesting pair of Tawny owls, Izzy and Toby.

Izzy laid 3 eggs, but none of them actually hatched.

Unfortunately, a combination of cold weather and Toby not bringing enough food for Izzy meant the eggs were often left not incubated.

This nest box is made from an old whisky barrel, making it a warm, dry, spacious roost with a lower nesting chamber and high-level perch. I originally made this next box for barn owls, but after a few Tawny owls investigated it a couple of times, I adapted it to encourage them to nest in it. 

Next year, I’m hoping to get the tawnys back!



We also have a couple more Live Feed cameras below, why not take a look?

Barn Owl
Barn Owl
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